The New Wave

I think every Asian American could agree to this, but growing up in a predominantly white country calls for a very unique yet mutual upbringing. We start off feeling like we don’t fit in. That we’re different from our peers. That our food smells and looks weird and that we’ll never be the main lead in any story we read or movie we watch. From what we've gathered since a young age was that Asians aren’t cool nor are people interested in understanding us or our culture.


Fortunately, a lot has changed since then. We got our first all Asian cast in a Hollywood movie, an Asian female lead in one of the most popular Netflix teenage romcoms, the first Korean boy band to perform on the Grammy’s, the first Asian film to win multiple Oscar’s, etc. It's heartwarming to see the Asian American community proud of these major achievements because they’re milestones of a movement that definitely need to be celebrated. It's a movement that we've all been hoping to progress for a long time. 


But while the AA community is drunk in celebration, I’d just like to point out some minor but no less significant reasons to feel proud about our heritage. Just as a reminder :)


  • The food, my dood. How could we ever take what we ate growing up for granted? Pizza is great, but nothing can beat the variety of spices and flavors that you can get from Asian cuisine. Besides the taste, food represents a lot. It is something to be shared with the people you love, just like the time you guys spend eating together. A simple taste or smell will remind you of home and miss your mom’s cooking. Food is a sign of respect and cooking/giving food is an act of love. I’m proud to say that I’ve had some of the best food in the world.

  • We’ve created our own melting pot of languages. Our mind works in more than one language and tends to use both at the same time in order to communicate more effectively. Whether it be Chinglish or Korglish, only your fellow Chinese or Korean Americans will actually understand what you’re saying. It’s like our secret code. I’m proud to have created a language that is rooted in both tongues that I live by.

  • There’s another family on the other side of the world that anticipates your next return. Although my visits have been less frequent, I’ve always remained emotionally attached to the people there. Whether it be Christmas or my birthday, we never fail to give each other our blessings or video call to see what’s up. I’m proud to say that I have another home that I can go back to in a different country.

  • UGH, there's way more. I'll get back to it when it comes to me.