Partner: Kate Farqharson

Challenge: As technology advances and our dependence on it grows, we’ve become more lonely than ever. With a proven correlation between smartphone usage and feelings of loneliness, psychologists have coined this phenomenon as the loneliness epidemic. 2 in 5 Americans feel sometimes or always isolated and that their relationships aren’t meaningful. So how can we bring back the feelings of human connectedness through the smartphones that we use every day?

Brand: Spotify is one of the frontrunners within the audio streaming industry as it has acquired ~299 million monthly active users and 113 million subscribers. It has become the main platform that users go to when they stream for the music and podcasts they love. Since its launch in 2008, it has unlocked the best music listening experience for people that adore music and wish to try out new things.

Insight: Our music tastes are reflections of ourselves and it is a vehicle for expressing our emotions. People bond through music which can create genuine human connections.

Target/Audience: The Lonely Generation - Generation Z is the loneliest generation. Since they grew up with their phones, they lack and crave genuine and meaningful human bonds. And listening to music has become a more solitary experience as they can comfortably stream in the comfort of their own earphones.

Strategy: Create a harmonious space for music listeners and their friends to ignite their shared passion for music in order to create stronger or even new connections.

Idea: We will initiate Spotify Harmony, an app extension that will provide more personalized music profiles, music-sharing experience, and compatibility reports between users for a more connected music listening/sharing experience.