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Hey what’s up! My name is Emily Yu & I’m a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin as a part of the Class of 2020, the first year of ZOOMers to graduate.

Unfortunately, I think I’m about as basic as it can go. My full name is EMILY KAREN (!!!) Yu, I have a crap ton of scrunchies, and I use the most basic of the basic answers when people ask what kind of music I listen to: "Um, I kind of just listen to all kinds of music besides country" (how ironic). But then I realize that basic probably isn’t the right word to describe me because I literally just got on Tiktok, my Instagram is extremely dry, and I think I've listened to more foreign than American music throughout 2020 so far. Basic or not, I’m proud to be graduating from a really cool and unique portfolio program, Texas Creative, that is offered at UT Austin. Woot.


Here's my resume for the boring tea.

Creative Strategist