Partner: Daisy Nguyen​

Challenge: 45% of the workforce has fallen victim to hustle culture as they glorify the idea of not having any time to breathe or take a break. Consequently, self-worth is conditioned to be measured by the number of hours not spent sleeping or hanging out with family or friends. Hustlers have become blind to the more important things in life as their relationships and mental/physical well-being are deteriorating.


Brand: Fiverr is a freelancing platform that provides endless opportunities for people looking to sell and/or buy freelance work. The world is truly at the hands of freelancers as they can sell any service they want while working on their own terms.

Insight: We don’t live to work. We work to live.

Target/Audience: Hustlers made of 70% Coffee - Young to middle-aged working adults that are motivated by their workaholic tendencies. They usually get a huge kick out of working as many hours as they can because they assume the pay-off would be worth it. Most of the time they forget to live in the moment and neglect themselves and the people around them.

Strategy: Provide a wake-up call and give some insight into how life should be with the power to control your work-life balance in your hands.

Idea: Present Fiverr as the best option to be flexible on themselves and their work schedules.

Campaign: Work for You

2020 AAF Austin ADDY Winner - Bronze for Integrated Campaign (Brand Identity) 👏