Partner: Michelle Lam

Tension: Going dutch is fair. But forgetting to pay back the true homie that covered for you because you forgot your wallet in the car is not fair. We're human so we occasionally forget. It happens. But since we're all human, we'll NEVER forget the five sips of coffee, half a bag of chips, and two apples that your friend ate but never remembered to pay you back for. Remembering everything that everyone owes you can bring out our aggressively petty side that will want to ask for our money back again and again as passively as we can.           

( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮

Brand: Venmo is an app (digital wallet) that makes paying and getting paid easier and more convenient in this current day and age. Besides making a transaction, users can also request money, view their friends' transactions, and interact with them — incorporating a social aspect to it.

Insight: Money debt is not taken lightly. But no matter how badly we want our money back, it can be awkward to ask for payback more than once.

Target/Audience: Like any transaction, there are always two parties. And with Venmo, this is no different. Both targets fall into the Gen Z and early Millenial range. So they rely on their phones and live for convenience and efficiency everyday. 

The Petties - These people will sometimes check their Venmo accounts to see if that one friend paid them back for covering their last McChicken last week. If not, a small seed of grudge is then planted.

The Ungrateful - They almost always ask to be requested money through Venmo any chance they can get. But they either know and pretend to forget or are completely oblivious to the fact that they still owe their friends a bunch of money. And gratitude.

Strategy: Position Venmo as the mediator that has got the backs of both parties.

Idea: Venmo will speak up loudly for individuals that have still not forgotten the debt that others owe and remind others to pay up.

Campaign: Take Charge