Tension: Teenage boys are taught by their dads how to shave all the time. But most girls are ashamed or aren’t confident enough to ask the women around them for shaving help. They resort to frantically searching on google for answers only to see the media promoting unrealistic beauty standards and expectations.

Solution: Since young girls feel awkward asking their moms for shaving help, Billie will be the big sister that young girls need to properly guide them on their shaving journeys. 

Solution: Your Big Sister, Billie

AD: Danielle Penet and Me​

CW: Ramsay Campbell


Billie x Teen Vogue Advice Column

Sister Ambassador

Billie will ask a celebrity/influencer to be the sister ambassador to host benefit concerts & film instructive videos for beginner shavers.

Website Improvement

A new sisterhood tab will bring users to the sisterhood registration, forum, and instructive videos featuring the sister ambassador.

Beginner's Shaving Kit

After registering for the sisterhood program, young girls will receive a beginner's shaving kit from their big sister Billie.

Letters from Billie will provide encouragement and advice during rough patches of their shaving journeys.