Challenge: Growing up is difficult, especially for young girls when their bodies go through massive changes that are too embarrassing to talk about. It’s a time where body hair begins to grow, causing them to feel insecure and self-conscious. And unlike young boys that look forward to their first shave with their dads, 39% of young women will make the first shave without any permission out of discomfort and awkwardness. How can we assure that girls at the most sensitive stage of life are less afraid and more confident when faced with the first steps into womanhood?

Brand: Being the “razor designed for womankind”, Billie is a forward-thinking brand that advocates women being comfortable and confident in their relationship with their own body hair. They eliminated the unnecessary pink tax enforced on other feminine razors and were the first to show real body hair in their advertisements.

Insight: It’s always reassuring to ask the right person for advice. You want to ask someone that knows what they're doing but sometimes you don’t want your mom to be all up in your privacy.

Target/Audience: Teenage girls who have just started puberty (ages 8-14) and are wondering how to properly shave on their own without having awkward conversations with mom. Without any real help, they'll most likely go on the Internet only to see unrealistic shaving ads and beauty standards. 

StrategyBecome a sisterly figure/support system that teenage girls could feel comfortable going to and seek for any shaving tips, tricks, and advice.

IdeaWith an advice column, celebrity ambassador, and a beginner’s shaving kit, Billie will help young girls to confidently embark on their shaving journeys and discover what works for themselves.


Billie x Teen Vogue Advice Column

Sister Ambassador

Billie will ask a celebrity/influencer to be the sister ambassador to host benefit concerts & film instructive videos for beginner shavers.

Website Improvement

A new sisterhood tab will bring users to the sisterhood registration, forum, and instructive videos featuring the sister ambassador.

Beginner's Shaving Kit

After registering for the sisterhood program, young girls will receive a beginner's shaving kit from their big sister Billie.

Letters from Billie will provide encouragement and advice during rough patches of their shaving journeys.