Arctic Fox

Partner: Danielle Penet

Tension: Our hair is interconnected with our identities. To us, hair is more than dead tissue. It's a part of us that lives and breathes our individualistic personalities. We go to great lengths in order to achieve the hairdos that best suit ourselves and then drastically change when we want to feel a different way. Unfortunately, our options can sometimes be limited to only a certain spectrum of colors when we do our hair at home. Self-expression becomes challenging when we feel restrained to a finite number of different hair color choices.

Brand: Arctic Fox was created to provide the best and most colorful semi-permanent hair dye that is vegan and cruelty-free. The owners had the idea to make self-love, self-expression, and a passion for animals as their mission. Their products are commonly used by customers to achieve hair colors they desire.

Target/Audience: The Color Freaks - There was never a single color that they were satisfied with. Natural is boring, but everyone has mushroom brown. They don’t like to ride the hair trends, but instead just really want a shade or a combination of shades that they can really speak to.

Strategy: Present Arctic Fox as hair dye that is best for creating endless color combinations.

Idea: Recognize that Arctic Fox can create hues as colorful as their personalities.

Campaign: Deep-Rooted Color

2020 AAF Austin ADDY Winner - Gold for Illustration 👏

2020 AAF District ADDY Winner - Gold 👏👏

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